Boat Safety Equipment

Sail and Power Boats over 24 m (78'9")

Personal Lifesaving Appliances

1. One (1) lifejacket or PFD for each person on board

2. One (1) reboarding device if the vertical height a person must climb to reboard (freeboard) is over 0.5m

3. One (1) buoyant heaving line at least 30m long

4. Two (2) SOLAS lifebuoys of which:

       a. One (1) is attached to a buoyant line at least 30 m long

       b. One (1) is equipped with a self-igniting light

5. Lifting harness with appropriate rigging


Visual Signals - if boat is equipped with a motor

1. One (1) watertight flashlight 

2. Twelve (12) flares of type A, B, C or D, not more than six (6) of which are type D

Note: flares are not required for a boat that:

      a. is operating on a river, canal or lake in which it can never be more than 1.852 km (1 nautical mile) from shore; OR

      b. has no sleeping quarters and is engaged in or in final preparation for an official competition 


Vessel Safety Equipment

1. One (1) anchor and at least 50m of cable, rope and/or chain

2. Bilge pumping arrangements


Navigation Equipment

1. Two (2) sound signalling appliances that meets the applicable standards set out in Collision Regulations.

2. Navigation lights if the boat is operated after sunset, before sunrise or in periods of restricted viability (fog, falling snow, etc.)

3. One (1) magnetic compass that meets the requirements set out in Navigation Safety Regulations

4. One (1) radar reflector

Note: a radar reflector is required for all boats under 20 m and boats made of mostly non-metallic materials. A radar reflector is not required if the boat is:

      a. used in limited traffic conditions, favourable environmental conditions and daylight, and where having a radar reflector is not essential to boat safety; OR

      b. of small size or its operation away from radar navigation makes it impossible to install/use a radar reflector


Fire Fighting Equipment

1. One (1) 10BC fire extinguisher at all of the following locations

      a. at each access to any space where a fuel-burning cooking, heating or refrigerating appliance is fitted

      b. at the entrance to any accommodation space; and

      c. at the entrance to the machinery space

2. One (1) power-driven fire pump located outside the machinery space, with one fire hose and nozzle that can direct water into any part of the boat

3. Two (2) axe

3. Four (4) buckets of at least 10 L each