Clean Marine 

Clean Marine Declaration

Purser Marine Services understands and recognizes the vital importance of maintaining a clean, natural environment as being fundamental to our activities.

In accepting and adopting best management principles and operating practices that are appropriate to our operation, Purser Marine Services commits to:

1. Eliminate the release of contaminants into the water, both directly and indirectly

2. Minimize the release of pollutants to the atmosphere

3. Avoid contamination of the ground

4. Adopt waste reduction, reuse, and recycling strategies

5. Optimize energy and water conservation

6. Promote sound environmental practices to all parties

7. Excel beyond compliance of required, relevant legislation

Kerry and Lauren Purser, as well as the rest of the staff will introduce sound environmental practices into every aspect of operation; we have trained our employees to understand and implement these practices and we will provide the resources that are needed to allow the policy to be fulfilled.

All suppliers and subcontractors will be made aware of the intent of this policy and will be encouraged to adopt the same sound practices where appropriate.

The marina also commits itself to an ongoing program of self-evaluation. Purser Marine Services will strive to continually upgrade and improve environmental performance in light of future developments in marina management techniques and product availability.




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