Clean Marine 

Boater Environmental Commitment

Come to Purser Marine Services to Sign the Clean Marine Policy!

I have read and agree with the intent of the Clean Marine Policy for Purser Marine Services. I am aware that the marina is adopting Clean Marine Practices throughout the facility. I will make every effort to comply with those practices where possible and help the marine to protect our natural environment.

As a boat owner and customer of Purser Marine Services and Nautilus Marina, I confirm that I have read, that I am familiar with and that I fully agree with the intent of the Clean Marine Policy.

I commit my guests and myself:

1. To keep all refuse and garbage of any kind on board the boat until we are able to place it in the waste containers on shore

2. To separate all recyclables and place them in the appropriate containers

3. To separate hazardous wastes, including used oils and antifreeze, unwanted paints, solvents and cleaners, batteries, old unusable fuel, and used oil filters and dispose of them in accordance with marina guidelines or take all such wastes to the municipal household hazardous waste collection site (Baxter Transfer Station: 705-664-3387)

4. To take all necessary steps to avoid spilling fuel, oil, or any chemicals or cleaners whatsoever into the water, to refrain from pumping oil-contaminated bilge water overboard and to be guided by instructions from the attendant when at the gas dock and/or pump-out dock

5. To avoid pumping grey water overboard when in marina

6. To never discharge raw sewage from the black-water holding tanks to anywhere other than an approved pump-out facility

7. To use environmentally-responsible products whenever and wherever possible

8. To operate my boat in a safe and considerate manner at all times, to operate the engines only when necessary, to avoid creating a wake when entering and leaving the dock, and to avoid causing a nuisance to all others using the marina's facilities

9. To always show respect for the environment and local wildlife

10. To promote Clean Marine practices at all times





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