Tips For Green Boating

Tips for Efficient Fuel Usage

  • Slower speeds will maximize use of your last fill up
  • Proper use of trim tabs reduces drag, especially while accelerating up to planing speeds
  • Avoid ploughing – when not on plane, keep your boat level
  • Minimize the amount of time that you idle at the dock
  • Minimize the use of onboard generators
  • Plan your trip
  • Make sure the hull is clean to reduce drag
  • Don’t under-power your boat - It’s important you have enough motor to handle the load
  • Check your propeller - If your boat is slow "out of the hole" or lacks top-end speed, you might have the wrong propeller
  • A well-tuned engine efficently maximizes fuel use
  • Use the grade of gasoline specified by the engine manufacturer
  • Visit for more helpful tips on reducing fuel usage

Washing Up

Cleaning a boat, car, or any sort of vehicle can leave behind a lot of polluting residue that goes directly into the water, especially as many cleaning products use phosphates and other toxic components.

There are many services and products available that not only phase out these toxins, but are also biodegradable and made from natural ingredients. At Purser Marine Services, we carry many eco-friendly cleaning products, from wash and wax for boats to Lotus household and personal care products.

Here are some helpful hints to be more environmentally friendly when washing up.

  • Do less washing
  • Don't discharge wash water
  • Do your dishes on shore
  • Skip the shower and have a "bird bath"
  • Do your cleaning at home or at your marina
  • Wax your boat - A good coat of wax prevents surface dirt from becoming engrained. This will reduce the need for detergents when you wash your boat. Pollen, dust, spores, or salt occur naturally and will do no harm when they are washed into the water.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaners, soaps or detergents. They destroy protective wax coatings, damage the environment, and reduce water quality.

Natural Alternatives to Toxic Cleansers

Fiberglass - Baking Soda and Salt
Aluminum - 1 Tbsp of Cream of Tatar in half a liter of hot water
Chrome - Vinegar and salt
Brass - Vinegar, Worcestershire and Salt 
Copper - Lemon Juice and Salt
Decks - 1 part Vinegar to 8 parts Water
Mildew - Vinegar and Salt
Shower - Water and Baking Soda
Toilet - Baking Soda
Windows - 1 part Vinegar to 2 parts Water
Wood - Polish with Olive Oil
Clear Plastic - 1 part Vinegar to 2 parts Water