Henley Boats


Henley is the oldest heavy aluminum boat manufacturer in Ontario. 

Built to last and backed with a lifetime warranty against hull cracking, Henley uses their exclusive lapstrake sides to build aluminum boats that are stronger than plate.

Combine this with a completely self bailing fully framed in deck, modern customizable designs, and generous sizing, you can be sure that Henley Boats are one of the safest, most durable and most attractive.

In addition, their compartmentalized hull gives extra safety and meets commercial regulations.


Henley is the only North American boat manufacturer that uses roll-form lapstrake, a folding process that provides greater durability, when constructing their aluminum hulls. This method of construction strengthens the aluminum at every bend, allowing Henley to use lighter gauge aluminum without sacrificing toughness. It also means your boat will never twist or distort from regular use or abuse. Lapstrake also makes for a drier ride in rough water, naturally forcing water spray to the side, away from the boat and its riders. 

Henley Boats for Sale at Purser Marine


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Built the Way You Want It 

With a number of customizable options, we will work with you to ensure your boat is the perfect fit. 

  1. Wide range of sizes and power
  2. Multiple console options - side, centre or dual consoles
  3. Cabin options - size, open or closed designs, insulation, style & sizing of windows, doors and more
  4. Interior options - seats, tables, galley head, berths, lighting, electronics, gauges and finishing
  5. Landing craft options - ramp door, crane, beaching bow for stable loading and unloading on a beach, hydraulic jacks on the transom for raising or lowering outboards, forward deck tie downs, tow post, push bars and more
  6. Many other options including but not limited to side hull doors, swim platforms & ladders, tow bollards, cabin heat and more 

For more information, head over to the Henley website, send us an email to pursersales@gmail.com or call us at 705-791-1083.